History of the Hanga name

Our activity took it's name from the Hanga plant (erica carnea - Alpine Erica, Alpine hanga), which is a 20-30 cm tall, horizontal-stemmed evergreen dwarf shrub.
It's tiny flat pointed leaves are standing in belts around the stem. The buds are appearing at late autumn, and the plant begins to flourish between late december and february-march. February-march is the main flowering period.

HANGA future

Our task is to professionally satisfy our Clients' expectations, and to keep our merchandise supply up to date and always ready. We hope, that this is appreciated by our current and future customers.

STYLE ltd., the core of the HANGA activity

18 years of experience and stability

In our first years of activity, we distributed and assembled customized satellite receiver systems, which later has been expanded to other areas, such as building cable television networks for small comunities.

1992 - 2010 The period of change

We have diversified and extended our merchandise supply, as well as the palette of our services, in order to satisfy the always changing expectations of our customers.


We are ready to solve any of our customers' occurring problems, all this at an attracting price.

2010 and future

To keep ourselves up to date with the fast developing technology, we will ensure in the future a better quality control, to make our collaboration more fructiferous, and to be in step with our custormers' needs.