Hanga story

Our activity took it's name from the Hanga plant (erica carnea - Alpine Erica, Alpine hanga), which is a 20-30 cm tall, horizontal-stemmed evergreen dwarf shrub.

It's tiny flat pointed leaves are standing in belts around the stem. The buds are appearing at late autumn, and the plant begins to flourish between late december and february-march. February-march is the main flowering period.

Security systems

Style ltd enterprises the following security related technical works, including acquisition and mounting: alarm systems, fire alarms, video surveillance systems, access control/entry systems/work logs, interfon systems, etc. Check out our online offer, more in our shop or by phone.

Sound systems

We offer sound amplification either by renting, either by selling equipment for different events. We also offer the mounting and maintenance services related to the aforementioned. Our sound equipment is suitable for conferences, gala nights, balls, festivals, expositions, sport events, performances, etc.